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My first event … I started the trip with a smile on my face. I wanted to learn more about ESTIEM and ESTIEMERS, and everything that was related to it. It’s exciting the feeling between fear and happiness at what’s coming, and finally has nothing to do with what you think, is much better! I felt at home surrounded by people who had never seen, sharing fun, knowledge and friendship. We have created links that I hope will last a lifetime.

Hamburg is a great place to learn. I have brought home more than I thought, I have not only learned about different cultures, like German culture, of which we participated in the event also I’ve are there female viagra changed my mind about working with people from other countries. I really thought it would be much more complicated than it has been.

You try to express your ideas in English, be creative. Becoming a brainstorming competition to see who is more creative in the group, and, at the end, the work becomes something nice and without any aggressiveness, in an atmosphere of full cooperation.

You feel you’re really involved in the process of selling the company, feel that everything you’ve studied it’s useful. But

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to do this, you have to break stereotypes. Promoting the union of the group and taking the best part of each idea to improve the project.

And of course we cannot forget the fun. The Local Group Hamburg has made us to enjoy life day and night

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in the city; cialis bph effectiveness we know the best places to party (Repperbahn), to eat (Bolero), to walk (Alaster Lake). The fantastic BBQ on the campus of the technical university and their beer: Campus Perle. And it was so funny to go shopping at Aladin for the Space Vector Foiltec party!! These great costumes…so creative!

I came back to Spain with the assurance that I know the city and the people who live in it. I have been fortunate to have participated in this event.

And I want to thank the Local Group Hamburg and cialis generico 2013 my host, Sarah, because we have been treated very well during the event and when we couldn’t leave the country due to the cloud of ash from the volcano in Iceland and how they improvised a lot of activities to not think about cvs pharmacy application the problems we have had with our flights. THANKS!!

See you somewhere in Europe, Greetings from Seville (Spain)